About Angela

For a long time Angela's name was synonymous with Mackmyra Whisky, where she was Master Blender for almost 20 years. That is where she was inducted into the Whisky Hall of fame and created all of Mackmyra's award-winning bottlings (over 80!). She is also the very first blender in the world with the additional title of AI Whiskey Supervisor. In addition to Mackmyra, Angela is behind many other collaborations and products with prominent brands such as Masi, Plantation, Drouin, Brenne, Bruichladdich and others.

Today Angela is an independent blender as well as a consultant and creative partner in the taste and beverage area, or "free spirits consultant". She is also a sensory coach, event travel guide and lecturer with base on her vast knowledge of whiskey as well as her 30-year, successful career as a woman in the male-dominated spirits and beverage industry.

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Angela holding her dog