Book Angela

It is possible to book Angela for a range of different types of services within the entire beverage and taste area, see examples below. 

Tastings and various kinds of educations. See here for more information on whisky and spirits tastings.

Competition judge, presenter or coach at various events.

Lectures & speeches

Subjects are adapted based on target group and purpose, examples of starting points can be, among other things: AI from a Master Blender's perspective or Being a woman and Master Blender in a male-dominated industry, including Angela's experiences with AI.

Drinks and foodie travels
Angela has for many years led event travels for, among others, American Distilling, Akkurat Whiskey Society and Wine & Spirits as well as private groups. For example, the trips have gone to exciting places in Scotland, Italy, Ireland, the Nordics, the USA and Japan, always with excellent reviews.

On a trip with Angela, you are welcome to enjoy the best with visits to distilleries, breweries, vineyards & restaurants. With a love for good booze, food and adventure, traveling with Angela is hard to beat. For groups up to 8 people we rent a car and Angela will take you around Europe and the USA. For larger groups and trips outside Europe/USA, we hire a bus tour company to take us around during the entire trip.

Other services
Do you dream of becoming the owner of a barrel of whiskey? Angela tailors a full service for you as a future cask owner with everything related to your own private cask and bottling.

Valuation, evaluation, support and advice regarding whiskey bottles and collections.

You also have the opportunity to buy a bottle of whiskey from Angela's exclusive private collection. (Only available for customers outside of Sweden due to regulations).

Contact us by email for more information and samples.