Whisky & Spirits Tastings

Join one of Angela’s tastings and explore the world of whisky from various angles. With Angela, every tasting is a unique and unforgettable experience.

Below are some examples of the most appreciated tastings & services. Tastings can be customized as desired and put together according to your wishes.

The Classic Angela & Mackmyra 
Hear the story, taste some of the great whiskies, plus, we can also bring a lab bottling or an exclusive private cask one, if you like.

The Mixed Favorite
Enjoy a few of Angela’s favorite drams from various places in the whisky world, from some really great bottlings. Great casks and great distilleries from Scotland with Islay, Orkney, Speyside and Campbeltown, mixed in with some of the best Japanese malts, really great Bourbons and or superb Rye. And why not also throw in one of Angelas’s own single casks of Mackmyra in the pot.

The Great Northern Whisky Tour 
Fine stories, lovely travels and really great drams from Sweden (Mackmyra, Hven and more), Finlands finest (Kyrö and Teerenpeli), Denmark (Braunstein and Stauning) plus some great Norwegian whisky (Aurora Spirits, Det Norske Brenneri, etc). Get on board on this great northerner whisky ride and enjoy the nordic skills, the landscape and the diversity.

The Vertical Tour
Come to a whisky tasting to engage with Angela in the magic of whisky maturation, see the time expanding in one brand with the several expressions and get the parameters of aging as a whisky. Can be done with any of the great brands that has a range of ages like Mackmyra, The Macallan, Glenmorangie or Talisker. Those are some good examples, but there are a few out there, so let’s find a favorite for this vertical tour.

The Oak & Finishing Ride 
Get the great oak origin difference and also dive into the finish and the knowledge of that has given the whisky some extra flavors. On the oak, all from great French oaks to Swedish and Japanese, to American white oak, different charrings and sizes. On the finishing side side, traditional sherries of all kinds to more new styles, like the German cherry wine finish or even craziness like the awarded green tea finish.

Other Tastings
Exciting Grappas, Round the world with Rums, Grape God Cognac & World Brandy, Great Calvados, White, Pink & Golden Gins, Be Bitter & Akvavits. Vertical tastings of any products available in different ages. Let’s discuss & pls ask for recommendations.

Your Own Preference
We’ll put together a tasting completely after your request, from your preference or your home collection. And if you want, we can bring and throw in a bottle of Angelas private cask selection in the mix too.

Bringing along Angela’s private cask bottlings: We love to bring great bottles for you! 
For Angela to bring exclusive private bottlings, ask for a list for what is in stock right now, with a price request.
We will be of service to plan the tasting and everything needed.

Contact us for information about prices

Travel costs and any other additional charges may be added to lecture fees depending the location and circumstances.