The Swedish Drink Wonder

A podcast that deals with the Swedish drink wonder, namely all the fantastic new craft producers that have emerged in Sweden in the last 20 years - and a subject that is a bit taboo, namely the existence or non-existence of farm sales of craft bottles on these.

Hosts and co-creators of the podcast are Angela and Magnus, experts in the field of noble drinks. They worked together at Mackmyra for almost 20 years and are now reunited to investigate the Swedish drink wonder and the controversial topic of farm sales to Swedish manufacturers.

In this highly topical joint project, they take on the task of educating the Swedes with their unique know-how through a podcast. Above all, in the podcast, they want to think openly about how farm sales should work in practice, for producers as well as consumers and authorities.

What does FARM SALE really mean?

Before the -22 election, many Swedes made an election compass where the word farm sale appeared. After that, it was pretty quiet about the subject - until this spring. Then the new government proclaimed "that now it should happen", - the farm sale should start. With this podcast, we will clear up everything we can about this controversial concept.

What is "the Swedish drink wonder"?

Do we have a Swedish drink wonder? Yep, we definitely mean that. Just consider the fact that in Sweden in 2023 there are over 750 skilled producers of artisanal drinks; whisky, gin, aquavit and other spirits, wine, beer and cider. A remarkable increase from just a handful some 20 years ago.

What is the problem?

In the rest of Europe, as an artisanal manufacturer, you can receive visitors, and - here comes the important thing - also sell your products directly to the visitors. Not yet in Sweden. We therefore wonder what stumbling blocks have existed and exist in Sweden in order for us, as the last country in Europe, to be able to introduce farm sales? What will the process look like and when will it take place? We will dig into all of this.

In the podcast, we will also address questions about how the possible farm sale is connected to visitor experiences at Swedish beverage producers, its products - and about the gold nuggets, what you must not miss, both in terms of visiting and drinking. We interview manufacturers, politicians, businesses and gather all the facts we can - and also discuss interesting questions such as: what does farm sales look like outside of Sweden and what is sold on farms around Europe?

You will hear about all this and much more in The Swedish Drink Wonder – a podcast about farm sales (Det Svenska Dryckesundret – en podd om gårdsförsäljning. The podcast is in Swedish). Together we have over 50 years of experience from a journey in the Swedish beverage industry, not including our guests!