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"Experience the Swedish drink wonder: Brand new podcast about farm sales!"

17 dec 2023

Join Angela and Magnus, then longtime colleagues at Mackmyra Swedish whisky, now on a taste journey through Sweden. Experience the new Swedish drink wonder and join us in exploring the issue of farm sales together with these enthusiastic experts in spirits and noble drinks.

The first episode of The Swedish Drink Wonder - A Podcast on Farm Sales is released on Monday 18 December at 24:00, it can be found where there are podcasts!

It all started as a fun idea: me and my good friend and colleague Magnus wanted to explore, get to know and visit Sweden's new, impressive beverage industry. We decided to visit some of the over 750 producers of craft drinks that have appeared in recent years. Given Magnus' great involvement in farm sales, something that emerged during his time as CEO, it became natural to combine these two topics and create a podcast out of it.

Together with Jeannette at Poddagency, who I got to know by being a guest on another podcast, planning began almost 1.5 years ago. Then things, as we all know, often take a little longer than expected... In the spring of 2023, we conducted our first interviews; with producing distilleries, breweries and wineries, and during the summer we went on trips through Värmland, Roslagen, Stockholm and Skåne. We came into contact with our first politicians with great expertise on the subject and we went from being total rookies when it comes to interviews to getting a little buzz about what not to do - and vice versa. The result is now available in our first episodes, such fun! Visiting Swedish manufacturers has been fantastically pleasant and rewarding.

We have learned more about production, about rich craft beers from the Stockholm archipelago, about Swedish apples and Swedish cider, divine berry spirits, the finest punch, exciting schnapps and genuine craft spirits from Roslagen. In addition, we got to share stories about fine Värmland whiskey and gin, as well as several stories about fantastic Swedish wines in different vintages, varieties, colors and styles, from Skåne. All these gems of experience have not only been taste sensations, but also rewarding and memorable in so many other ways.

The farm sale then? This aspect has been particularly interesting to explore, and personally it has given me many new lessons and insights. Each manufacturer has their own unique history and view of what farm selling is – what it would have been like if they had it when it started, how it might be going forward, and so on.

All this and more, you'll hear in upcoming episodes of The Swedish Drink Wonder (Det Svenska Dryckesundret – en podd om gårdsförsäljning). Stay tuned!

Talk to you soon!

"The Swedish Drink Wonder - A podcast about farm sales" is produced by me and Magnus under the name Mangela Productions. The program is recorded in collaboration with Poddagency.